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Your business is an AI business if it needs to:

  • Find customers cheaper and faster
  • Service customers through a data-driven, automated customer experience
  • Retain customers by understanding their needs to build long term reciprocal value
  • Find employees more time
  • Increase flexibility to respond to market change
  • Reduce friction in customer/staff experience
  • Decouple data silos to make information more accessible and understandable
Artificial intelligence is awesome for

< How we make AI work? > 

Data Ingestion

Building scalable batch and streaming pipelines from a wide variety of source environments to decouple the data silos in your business.

Machine Learning

Building, training and optimizing predictive models to gain deeper insight into your data, and to find algorithms which help automate decisions in your business.

Data Engineering

Transformation and of raw data into formats which can be stored in powerful analytics warehouses, big data lakes, feature stores and other formats required for machine learning and business intelligence.

Intelligent Operations

DevOps and ML-Ops approaches using containerization, Continuous Integration and development (CI/CD), as well as general workfl ow optimization.

Productionized AI

Deploying trained and tested models into customer environments so the benefi ts of predictive insight are deeply integrated into your end user environments.

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< Where we’ve made AI work >

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Commercial Director

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Data Director

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Technical Director

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